Follow the Money
Bob DeGeorge

Welcome to my world!
Loan sharking, protection, fraud, theft, human trafficking, and murder. Come Follow the Money and enter the dangerous underworld of Asian Organized Crime in San Jose.

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About the Author
Bob DeGeorge spent twenty-seven years in law enforcement, retiring as a detective in the Financial Crimes Unit of the San Jose Police Department. He now lives on a ranch in Hollister, California, where he is hard at work on the next book in his San Jose Police Detective series.


About my latest book, Follow the Money: An SJPD Novel


It appears to be just another case in a pile of hundreds for seasoned San Jose police detectives Rex Johnson and Kat Sanchez. But when the two detectives open a seemingly standard investigation into credit card fraud, they are soon pulled into the murky underworld of Asian organized crime.

Rex and Kat center their investigation on San Jose's card clubs and soon uncover evidence of counterfeiting, loan sharking, extortion, and human trafficking. Led straight to a shadowy Vietnamese underworld figure who views himself as a modern day Al Capone, Rex and Kat find themselves not only immersed in a deadly game with the criminals, but also their own police administration. With the chief of police more focused on his political ambitions than the outcome of their investigation, Rex and Kat have no choice but to follow their gut instincts as they work their way deeper into the case.

In a final twist that leads to an explosive life or death confrontation, Rex and Kat come face-to-face with international terrorists who are intent on retaliation—regardless of the personal cost to two detectives sworn to serve and protect the citizens of San Jose.