Follow the Money
Bob DeGeorge

Rex keyed his handpac again, "Suspect on the front porch, standby, wait until she goes in."

The suspect spent a couple of minutes talking to the two older gentlemen then turned and walked into the house.

Rex keyed his handpac, "She's in the house, Five-O move in."

Rex and Kat got out of their car and started toward the house. There was still no movement from the Postal van. Then Five-O and his partner jumped out of their van and ran for the house. They hit the steps just in front of Rex and Kat and continued through the front door.

The two old men just sat and watched. First two people with guns drawn had run past them. Next came Kat and Rex in dark blue raid jackets that said police with their guns drawn. Rex winked at one of the old men and gave him a thumbs up as he hurried past. The old men just stared back with that look that only old people can give, that look that says I have seen it all and nothing surprises me anymore.

Rex and Kat cleared the front door, they heard Five-O shouting "Federal Agent, stop." They heard a sharp cry and some thumping sounds. Kat was down the stairs first. Rex hit the bottom of the stairs. He saw Agent Cunningham wrestling in the cramped hallway with the suspect.

The suspect screamed and yelled, "Get off me you fucking bitch."

Cunningham and the suspect were sprawled in the middle of the hallway. The suspect had a knife in her right hand, and Cunningham was desperately trying to keep the suspect from stabbing her. Cunningham had both of her hands around the suspect's right wrist, and she was smashing the back of the suspect's hand against the wall. Meanwhile, the suspect was trying to claw Cunningham's face with her left hand.

Cunningham was on top of the suspect and in the narrow hallway, there was no way to take a shot. Out of the corner of his eye, Rex saw Kat holster her weapon, move up, and grab the suspect's left hand and arm, and twist it up behind her back forcing the suspect face down on the floor.

The suspect yelped in pain, the knife fell to the floor, and she said, "All right, all right, I give up. You don't have to break my fucking arm."

Kat pulled the suspect's right arm behind her back and cuffed her. Then she picked up the knife. "Honey, don't you know you don't bring a knife to a gun fight? You're lucky you didn't get shot."